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Weekly Update: 7/16/2012

20 Jul

Alright. So now I shall unveil the plan for Caustic Cookies 1.5! Monday will be the Caustic Countdown, same as usual. I’m keeping the weekly update and the book notes, but moving them to different days. Thursdays will be the update, book notes on Fridays. And on Saturdays, there will be a normal post. It can be about anything, but mostly will revolve around writing and reading. Of course, Twitter will be updated daily. On some days, there will be extra, goody posts. But this current configuration will help with my increasingly hectic schedule.

These last few weeks have piled opportunities on top of each other. I’ve been getting jobs and opportunities out the wazoo. For one, I’ve been writing a plethora for Yahoo! while also securing an internship. It’s all extremely incredible and the future looks bright! I’m excited to see what the weeks to come bring!


I don’t even know where to begin. For starters, my perfect Text Broker streak is unbroken at 21 articles. 21 articles written and 21 articles accepted! Furthermore, I have also accumulated a double-digit streak on Yahoo! as well. I’ve been writing so much and getting so much exposure! Here are the links to my two most popular articles in order to sample just some of the work I’ve done. One and Two.

My internship has also provided me with a new audience. I wrote an article about the conflict between low and high mileage philosophies in running. It’s much more interesting than that previous sentence, I swear.

Short Stories:

Night of the Living Brain-Dead is still evolving. It has developed into a full-fledged novella. It’s development is rather impressive. The characters are actually multi-dimensional and the comedy is appropriately dark. It actually seems believable and the diction is far from mundane. It’s completely awesome and coming soon!


Today was my first excursion back into poetry. I wrote a poem called “Have I? Am I? Will I? Then I Will at Least Enjoy the Ride.” I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. It’s more dark than my usual poetry but it flows much better than any poem I’ve ever written. So right now it’s just sort of sitting in limbo. Maybe I’ll find a market for it. I’m honestly hoping for it.


My book, The Dimensional Constant, is finished its final editing. It is now in the very capable hands of my friend Irey who is designing the cover. After that, it will be available for sale! I anticipate the date to be within the next couple of weeks. It depends on how well we collaborate on this project. But we have been close friends for a few years, so I anticipate a quick turnaround.

Hey, this list is never too full. If you have an article you need written, or are in search of a flexible freelance writer, e-mail me at peterlicari13@gmail.com. Or message me on Twitter.


Book Notes: Devil at My Heels- Part 2

1 Jun

The more I continued to read Devil at My Heels, the more it seemed to have a magnetic attraction to my hands. I simply couldn’t put the book down. The language was so honest, his experiences were so exceptional, I found myself balanced between total acceptance and disbelief. To say I was entranced is an understatement. I’ve never used this blog to directly endorse a particular book, but this deserves it. I insist that you somehow get your hands on a copy and start reading. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Anyways, to the actual dissection. First and foremost, again I was incredibly impressed with the honesty of the book. He openly admitted to remembering certain things while reporting on others which are frankly less than illustrious.  On the other hand, he wasn’t afraid to just admit that his memory failed him. This double whammy of human fallacy (this mixing of past mistakes and current admittance) makes his story seem to come right from his lips instead of the page.

Other than his honesty, his survival skills are nothing less than extraordinary. Zamperini survived days on a raft while watching a comrade slip slowly into death and staving off sharks. Afterwards, he got to experience the hostility of being a prisoner of war. He was gone for such an extended period of time, he became one of the few men in history to look at his own death notice and take pictures of it. His journey shows the nearly unshakable human resolve to live.

His journey and exploits do more than just give me a great read. As with any other book I’ve read, it gives me certain invaluable lessons in pursuing my own literary merits. Normally, books will simply reinforce certain givens: diction is imperative, tone is invaluable, and story  quality is the most important fact of all. This book actually managed to teach me new lessons entirely!

As I have hinted at in earlier posts, I have a new novel I’ll be starting soon. The subject is still going to be kept very hush-hush for now. I can say, though, that it will be written in first-person perspective. Although it seems like it should be the simplest way to write a novel, I would contend that it’s actually the most difficult. When writing in the third-person, one is allowed to choose their omnipotence. Most of the time, the narrator knows all (or almost all) so the writer really doesn’t have to restrain their thoughts or words to fit a particular paradigm. When writing in the first, they have to force themselves to know everything but write as if they know next to nothing. They need to admit the faults of their characters, speak, think and act like believable entities. All while simultaneously creating characters and environments which reflect their thoughts and act as a vehicle of believability. This story with its unparalleled truthfulness is going to help keep me honest.

Or at least honest to the truth I’ll be presenting in my fiction piece.

Weekly Update 4: 5/30/2012

30 May

I want to apologize for making this post so late. Much of this last week has been extremely hectic because I had relatives in town. Because of this, I was unable to make time for a lot of my normal writing pursuits (hence my obvious delay). And while I’m sad to see them go, I am also happy I can buckle back down and get back to work! Speaking of work, even with visiting relatives, a lot managed to happen in the last few days worth reporting and noting!

Short Stories:

So far, I’m only working on “A Post Card from Heaven.” I expected to be done by now, but I never anticipated it absorbing so much of my mental capacity. It’s one of those projects I can’t stop thinking about yet I refuse to write more than 50-100 words a day because I want it to be perfect. One of my projects is again demonstrating why one should never give a pen to a perfectionist. But I can not only guarantee that this story will the best short story I have ever penned, it will also be worlds above “Eden.” While I love that story dearly, I’m glad to already be surpassing my abilities of just a few weeks ago.

Flash Fiction:

I have no Flash Fiction to report on.


The poem “The House My Father Built” is complete and has been submitted to the Contributor Network. Hopefully it will be accepted. You guys will be the first to know if so! The plan is to keep it a secret until Father’s Day so I can surprise my dad with it. I’m sure he’ll like it.

Other Media:

With the hectic week, I haven’t had any time to pursue anything else. But I am still interested in song-writing so I might just give that a shot this week. Time allowing, of course.


Alongside yet another article being accepted on Yahoo, I set up an account on Textbroker. So far, my only complaint is that after maybe three days and five articles, they had to freeze my account to grade the quality of what I’m creating. That’s the bad news. The good news is I’ve made a few dollars in that time and not a single article was rejected. It’s kind of cool to be batting 1.000- not going to lie. But I just have to keep working hard at it to continue that success. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the site, I can’t directly link you to the articles I’ve written. That’s fine though. All you have to do is go to the site and search my name and presto! You can see for yourself.


I’ve been painstakingly reading my novel again (for what has to be the seventh total time). I don’t know how other novelists have avoided beating their own heads in with their creations in the final stages. Despite the impending insanity, I will contend that it gives me a deep pleasure to be reading my own tale. Not only because it’s so close to completion, but because it’s actually a decent story. That was my biggest concern: creating something terribly boring. Luckily, it appears that this could really be something. The prospect is exciting.

Hey, this list is never too full. If you have a piece you need written, or are in search of a flexible freelance writer, e-mail me at peterlicari13@gmail.com.

Weekly Update 3: 5/22/2012

23 May

I was spot on in my prediction last week when I insisted that the now proceeding seven days were bound to be eventful. The best part, though, is that everything that happened this last week was incredible. Everything seemed to just fall into place, as if these last  few days were part of a beautiful cosmic puzzle. I had levels of unprecedented success- I didn’t even receive a single rejection slip! It’s very rare when life seems to coincide perfectly to your aspirations; I guess it was one of those weeks that made me excited for present prospects and for future opportunities. Of course, if I want to continue to improve my luck, I need to continually work hard  to improve my skill set. One must never rest on the accomplishments of the past if he wants to be remembered. It’s a curiosity actually: the more one pushes into the future, the more they solidify their eternal legacy.

Short Stories:

Here again, Eden is taking precedent. I swear, this story is like a stubborn college -grad refusing to move out of the basement. It still hasn’t been accepted by the Yahoo Contributor Network, but it stands a really good chance at being so. The only obstacle is time- and since it is an adversary incapable of acquiring casualties, it’s probably best to just be patient. As per the usual, I’ll post up to the minute updates on twitter.

I think I’m going to call “Jumper” “The Descent.” I think it fits both the theme, subject matter, and epic twist at the end. (Enjoy the link. I saw the post and couldn’t stop laughing about it).

I’m working on another piece now that “The Descent” is done. It’s called “A Postcard From Heaven” and it’s another science fiction piece. It’s sort of dystopian, but the wording flows rather well and I’m hoping that the ending leaves an impact… Believe it or not, I actually got the inspiration behind a 9gag post. I love sites like that- it’s amalgamated creativity all packed into your computer screen.

Flash Fiction:

As I mentioned last week, one of my flash fiction pieces “I asked. He answered.” has been published. For more information follow the previous link or click here to read the story itself.


Finally! Poetry is getting some action! I have accepted an assignment to write a Father’s day piece. What I like is that other than the general theme, I get to choose the content matter. Which is excellent because I really love the artistic freedom given in such a construct. I must confess won’t be entirely original though; I intend to re-write a poem I completed about a six months ago titled “The House My Father Built.” Other than the title and some titular repetition, I intend to completely rework the piece. I’m really excited to pay homage to fathers with this piece- especially my own. I don’t know where I would be without the love and support of my Dad. It’s an honor to be able to articulate that to a wide audience.

Other Media:

A few friends and I decided to create a parody of the famous “Epic Rap Battles of History” series titled “Epic Math Battles of History.” We used it as an opportunity to showcase our inner nerds and put integral calculus against differential calculus. Now, the video itself is actually quite terrible (I won’t even put a link to it out of respect to your brain cells), but I will post the lyrics on notyourcommonlunacy.tumblr.com for your amusement. A friend of mine DjZeroWolf heard the song and asked if I could put some lyrics to a couple of his mixes. I’m seriously considering it too if I have some free time. Why not add song-writer to the repertoire?


The article on Yahoo has been accepted- and I even received a few dollars out of it!

The Cracked article hasn’t been submitted yet; honestly I ran out of hours last week. I’m excited to post it and hopefully inspire readers through humor.


My novel has finally finished its editing and now I move forward towards self-publication. At this point, the only thing remaining is to create a cover and then publish it. I’m debating as to whether or not I should do it myself. Most likely, I’ll end up giving it to my friend Iresha who’s a close friend and a fantastic artist. One has to remember their friends if they want to go far in life. Not only are they invaluable connections, but they’re the people who’ll sit down and trudge through your manuscripts and be your biggest fans. Keep them close.

Hey, this list is never too full. If you have an article you need written, or are in search of a flexible freelance writer, e-mail me at peterlicari13@gmail.com.

Post: I asked. He answered.

19 May

Great news! I had another flash fiction piece published!

Granted, I don’t get any financial compensation but the pride I receive in being published makes it worth it. An old sage once said “if you love something, you’ll do it for free.” And while I’d love to be able to make money writing (hence why you can email me to request my freelancing services), I have no qualms about gaining readership by writing for free initially.

However, if there’s one thing I do hold qualms over it’s the destruction of literature by relentlessly pursuing hidden meanings. Granted, as a writer, I will tell you unabashedly that every piece I write and submit for publication has symbolism. That being said, it doesn’t need to be beat to death by an analytical mob. Sometimes water means rebirth, sometimes it means cleansing. Other times, it means the characters are bloody thirsty. One of the most execrable sins against literature is to distort the intentions of the author by over-analyzing his words. Taking words and applying them to one’s personal meaning is one thing; that’s what it means to be art. Insisting that one’s personal view is somehow the sole intrinsic truth within the piece is egregious. So, in order to solve this and make sure that my meanings are clear to prevent future convolution, I am recording my thought processes and intentions. Not to limit the scope of the reader, but to allow them to understand the piece under a different paradigm and perhaps gain a deeper appreciation of it.

The name of the piece is “I asked. He answered.” And like numerous other flash fictions pieces, the title is imperative. The idea is to set the premise that you, the reader, is the primary actor within the play. When you are the actor, when you are the individual asking the question and receiving the answer, there is a psychological predisposition to feel a connection to the piece itself.

Right off the bat, there is entirely a different speaker presented. Why? Why would I go through all the trouble of initiating you as a character and then put another individual within the spotlight? It seems counter-intuitive. That’s fine. It’s how I want it to seem. But I want for you to feel deeply connected, as if you should be in the spotlight. You should have center stage. Damn it, you deserve center stage! Who the hell does this character think he is? He’s not real, he’s a figment of my imagination- you’re an inhabitant of reality. You’re above this creation. At least you feel that way. I want you to carry this primed sensation of superiority.

But what he tells you is confusing. He explains to you that he is indifferent to being imprisoned even if you would want him to feel stronger emotions. This configurations of sentiments is meant to be primordially empowering. This entity which you wanted beneath you has been revealed to be just that. His insistence that you want more though indicates that you are in control. He may be in the spotlight, but you control the light. His indifference does put you off, but the dualistically open-ended and resolute nature to his first assertion entices you to know more.

His last sentence is what gets you. It’s a sucker punch in twelve words. You realize that he isn’t giving the staunch callousness of assumed superiority. He’s demure in subservience. The spotlight is his prison and you are his captor. You realize here that you asked him a question as a tyrannical overseer. And that he answered as a stronger man than most could ever be.

This isn’t meant to make you feel inferior or guilty. The piece is meant to shock the system with the rapid change between two extremes. On the one hand, you feel primal power and jealousy. On the other, within a few syllables, you feel incredible guilt. This almost immediate transition of extremes is indeed reflected in the title. “I asked. He answered.” Notice how the second sentence is the complete opposite of the first? This is the hint at what the piece aimed for. As I said before, the title is extremely important.

Even the wording primes for this awkward transition. Notice the sharp assonance in the first sentence and yet how it simultaneously refuses to flow. As if it could possibly be what you want, yet it sub-textually refuses to do so. Everything about this piece was designed to simulate the sudden departure of power and the immediate transition between two extremes.

Where you choose to go from here with this play on extremes is entirely your licence as a reader. I hope you enjoy it.

Weekly Update 2

16 May

These last seven days have been utterly loaded with new opportunities. I created numerous pieces and dove into a few opportunities at getting my work out there more (remember to help by sharing Caustic Cookies with your friends!). The end result is that, by this time next week, I’ll either have a lot of good news or rejection slips. Regardless, it’s full steam ahead. Trying times and enticing excitement await just beyond the daybreak.

Short Stories:

First and foremost, “Eden” got rejected. Hold your tears of sadness and wailing disappointment; there’s good news! I decided to join the Yahoo Contributor Network. Why? Because it provides a way to show you, the viewers, my work and get a little bit of money just by you going to the page itself. Everyone wins! So the Contributor Network will act as a back-up for certain works if there doesn’t appear to be an appropriate niche for it. And it very well could act as the primary launching platform for a few pieces to come. Eden will be uploaded in later today. I’ll post on Twitter when the content is uploaded.

I am still working on “Jumper.” Unfortunately, the name is not resolving itself well. I know that there’s a name for it (it’s itching at the back of my mind like cat’s claws on screen doors), it just hasn’t come yet. However, if it ever does, Armchair Shotgun is the current place I imagine it ending up.

Flash Fiction:

I wrote a 24 word story for Espresso Stories just last night and I’m hoping it’ll be accepted. I love flash fiction; it challenges authors to create in an extremely limited format. The 25 word or less format of Espresso keeps me on my toes. If this is accepted, it will be the third work that has been featured on the site.

I also completed a first person piece that runs under a couple-hundred words. I consider it to be an experimental piece focused around the connotative ability of not only words, but of the syllables which compose them. The theme of the work is melancholy and I will release it on the Contributor network on Friday.


I still currently don’t have any poetry works in progress.

Other Media:

The photography project on duality is done, fin, completed- finished! It will be posted in my other blog (notyourcommonlunacy.tumblr.com) soon.


I have just submitted an article based around my athletic pursuits to Yahoo. Hopefully, it will be accepted and published soon. Fingers crossed, right?

The Cracked article is making some serious headway. I’ve finished almost all of the research and I’m looking to submit it and all of its sarcastic glory by sunday at the latest.


In a bit of fun, I decided to submit a definition of “Date” to the Urban Dictionary. It came about while talking to one of my girlfriend’s friends about  setting her up with one of mine. In a bout of nervousness, she told me she had been so busy with her job and familial responsibilities that she didn’t “remember what a date [was].” So I gave her the definition as both a joke and an inspirational reminder. Afterwards, she insisted that I submit it and share it with the world. Who says you having a little fun with writing isn’t constructive?


Hey, this list is never too full. If you have an article you need written, or are in search of a flexible freelance writer, e-mail me at peterlicari13@gmail.com.

Weekly Update:1

9 May

A new feature into the blog that I figured would be a nice addition would be an update on all of the comings and goings of my sites and projects. This way, you the readers can be aware of the sort of projects I’ll be working on this week and showcase the kind of work that will be coming out soon. Here, I’ll also answer any questions sent to me via my email (peterlicari13@gmail.com) about anything related to writing or my works, or anything in general really. I’m always open to discussing intelligent themes and learning from new perspectives.

That being said, here is your update:

Short Stories:

Currently in progress is a work I’m currently calling “Jumper.” It’s a first person work about a man and his woman looking out over the skyline contemplating life. Until, that is, he decides to actively contemplate death by asking her to jump with him, hand in hand. “Jumper” won’t be the final title (I’m fairly certain), I just prefer to name something once the final touches are added.

In addition, I’m waiting for a response on a short story called “Eden.” It’s a science-fiction piece that both presents and dramatically robs the protagonist of his sanity and reality. I submitted the story to Science Fiction Daily about two, two-and-a-half weeks ago. Usually getting pushed back this late will either mean they either like it or it’s not fit for their niche. If it’s the latter, I’ll be pursuing another market. If that doesn’t quite work out, then I’ll be sharing it here on the site. Whether or not I’m going to make it an exclusive thing or a free viewing has yet to be decided. But I always lean towards the free, so don’t fret!


I currently don’t have any poetry works in progress.

Other Media:

For a project I was forced to create a photo essay. However, I grew attached to the theme and I intend to make it as poignant and powerful as I can. But my words are better than my photographic skills, so bear with me. It will be posted in my other blog (showcasing my limited visual skills) notyourcommonlunacy.tumblr.com


I am currently completing an article proposal for Cracked.com. Hopefully the premise is one that they will enjoy and simultaneously educate a public always searching for quick, entertaining information.

Hey, this list is never too full. If you have an article you need written, or are in search of a flexible freelance writer, e-mail me at peterlicari13@gmail.com.