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13 Aug

So today, I want to talk about something a little different than my sarcasm infused goodness and general tips about writing and life. Today, I want to talk about love.

“Ok Peter” you may say “why the sudden change of heart? Has your heart finally grown from being three sizes too small? Has a sense of altruism finally filled your veins alongside the warm fuzzy feeling of human goodliness?”

Nope. Sorry. My chest is, in fact, still occupied by the sarcastic black hole that only spews out the occasional quasar of adoration. No need to worry folks.

However, that quasar does happen to spew out superheated love gasses when I am around certain people. You know: friends, family, fans of Disturbed. But there’s one person who’s managed to focus that light and electromagnetic energy into a super-laser of remarkable potency.

I promise the physics jokes are over. Really, they seemed Massxacceleration-ed.

My girlfriend.

I know I’ve mentioned her a couple of times, remember? She’s the incredible girl who inspires me to write better, live happier, and be a better man? No? Well, it might rekindle your memory if I remind you that our only possible contentious issue is that I like Harry Potter and hate Twilight and she’s the inverse. That is seriously the only thing we could ever argue about. We are just that awesome.

 It’s not like it’s been one of those “Gahhhh, this girl, I’ve known her for three months and we’ve been dating for two! And she is soooooo awesome!” No. Please. Don’t induce the desire to vomit in yourself through imagining that. I had to bolt to the toilet just writing that cheery little spew. Stephanie and I have known each other for about 6 years now. I had the biggest crush on her for a while. Actually, I had crushes on her multiple times, but as you could imagine nothing came of it. I dated other girls sure. I’ve had good memories and bad with ex-girlfriends, so it’s not like a TV show where I waited as a “ForeverAlone” until she gave me a chance. C’mon, it’s real life. Grow the hell up.

But she did give me my chance. I somehow managed to woo her over an evening of Whinny the Pooh and Steak and Shake. Our second date, we went bowling and then spent the better part of the evening out in a field, under the stars just talking. That night set the tone for us. Whenever we see each other, we’re hardly not talking, holding each other close, and just enjoying each other’s company. I managed to kiss her that night too. I remember I was so nervous that my heart was playing shoots ‘n ladders in my throat. 

When she returned the kiss, I felt like I could fly.

October 22nd. We were out at a trail the night before we went to Halloween Horror Nights. It was the first time I told her I loved her. Yes folks, I broke first. I said it before she did. But only by about three seconds.

December 25th, our first christmas. I bought her a necklace with her favorite candy and the proponents for an inside joke. She gave me cookies. She really knows how to wow a guy.

February 14th, Valentines day. Sweets and lots of them. Lots of laughing, lots of love.

April 15th. The day the Titanic sank. The day Abe Lincoln died. We decided to acknowledge those days in conjnction with the day of my birth. We went out to Kobe’s. She actually ate the whole friggen meal. To say I was impressed was an understatement.

May 8. I bought her a rose. Just because. I will never forget the smile I got in return.

May 11th. Her birthday. I attempted to make dinner for her. I succeeded in burning the chicken. She told me that it was still some of the best food she ever had. 

July 4th. I wasn’t home for the fourth of July. I was out with family. She called me that night and told me that she loved me and couldn’t wait for me to get home. It was another moment to remember how lucky I was.

This girl is by far the most compassionate, incredible, kind, loving, and funny I have ever known. She keeps me on my toes with her wit still makes me feel like I could just lift off at any second. As if I could fly. My time with her has marked the best time of my life.

Stephanie, if you’re reading this (and you are because I’ve pulled this up on my phone for you to read) I want you to know how amazing you are. How happy you make me. I know I tell you all the time, and I try my best to show you through action, too. You tell me I do a great job. I want to tell YOU that you do a great job. I have never doubted your love and commitment. I have waken up everyday that we’re together with a smile. You make me feel like I’m empowered like the Energizer Bunny with the force of Zeus’ bolts powering it forward. I know that you think I like to go the extra mile, but I’d go a thousand with no problems. With this in mind, I put this post up, to tell the world how much you mean to me. You are my tesoro. You are my treasure

There’s another date I should probably mention, one with dualistic importance.

August 13th. Today, I will take her to Macaroni Grill, then to Steak and Shake, then out to a quiet spot for stargazing. A year ago today, I asked you to be my girl. And you gave me a chance.

Happy anniversary Stephanie. I love you.



Guest Post: Jeffree Howell

25 May

It’s that time again where I extend my hand out to a fellow writer and offer them control over the blog. Today, I leave the reigns in the very capable hands of my good friend Jeffree Howell. I’ve known Jeff for quite a while now; in fact, he and I went to high school together. I always knew he was a creative individual, but it wasn’t until we reaquainted ourselves that I began to understand the depth of his thoughts. He generally prefers a soft, yet brief style- allowing little deviation from the truth he dissects. His diction is congruent with a direct, straight-to-the-point format that is usually indicative of a naive voice. His advanced thoughts and concepts dispel that notion and illuminate the true nature of his words. They are elegant in their elementary simplicity and express a deeper meaning that is usually reserved until the final sentiments. He does not currently have a blog or other means to contact him- other than to search for him on Facebook. Without any further adieu, I present the work of Jeffree Howell

Gone Fishing

There she sits, still as an obelisk in Egypt. Calm as the dirt of Montana. Waiting for that
one nibble at her hook. The fish aren’t biting today. Something seems to have scared them off.
Perhaps it’s me. I’m not a usual sight in this park. I generally avoid nature if I can. Today is
different. Today, she asked me to come. To show me the wonders of fishing. To show me that
even though we are doing nothing, we are always doing something. For us, it is simply fishing.
Sitting here with our poles up watching the lure bob up and down. Yet, even though we’re
fishing, we really aren’t. We are really enjoying the other’s company. Reminds me of when we
met. I had been fishing in my own way. Using lines at pulling on any nibble I could find. She
hadn’t taken the bait. I had had to catch her in a net before she paid any attention to me. Since
then, she hasn’t left my side. This trip was her idea though and I went along with it. So, here I
sit, fishing like I used to and beginning to realize. I was fishing all those years looking for
something that wasn’t there. What I was always looking for was a girl who would teach me more
about myself than about feminine hygiene products. What I had been searching for wasn’t a fish.
And neither was she.

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