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Weekly Update 2

16 May

These last seven days have been utterly loaded with new opportunities. I created numerous pieces and dove into a few opportunities at getting my work out there more (remember to help by sharing Caustic Cookies with your friends!). The end result is that, by this time next week, I’ll either have a lot of good news or rejection slips. Regardless, it’s full steam ahead. Trying times and enticing excitement await just beyond the daybreak.

Short Stories:

First and foremost, “Eden” got rejected. Hold your tears of sadness and wailing disappointment; there’s good news! I decided to join the Yahoo Contributor Network. Why? Because it provides a way to show you, the viewers, my work and get a little bit of money just by you going to the page itself. Everyone wins! So the Contributor Network will act as a back-up for certain works if there doesn’t appear to be an appropriate niche for it. And it very well could act as the primary launching platform for a few pieces to come. Eden will be uploaded in later today. I’ll post on Twitter when the content is uploaded.

I am still working on “Jumper.” Unfortunately, the name is not resolving itself well. I know that there’s a name for it (it’s itching at the back of my mind like cat’s claws on screen doors), it just hasn’t come yet. However, if it ever does, Armchair Shotgun is the current place I imagine it ending up.

Flash Fiction:

I wrote a 24 word story for Espresso Stories just last night and I’m hoping it’ll be accepted. I love flash fiction; it challenges authors to create in an extremely limited format. The 25 word or less format of Espresso keeps me on my toes. If this is accepted, it will be the third work that has been featured on the site.

I also completed a first person piece that runs under a couple-hundred words. I consider it to be an experimental piece focused around the connotative ability of not only words, but of the syllables which compose them. The theme of the work is melancholy and I will release it on the Contributor network on Friday.


I still currently don’t have any poetry works in progress.

Other Media:

The photography project on duality is done, fin, completed- finished! It will be posted in my other blog (notyourcommonlunacy.tumblr.com) soon.


I have just submitted an article based around my athletic pursuits to Yahoo. Hopefully, it will be accepted and published soon. Fingers crossed, right?

The Cracked article is making some serious headway. I’ve finished almost all of the research and I’m looking to submit it and all of its sarcastic glory by sunday at the latest.


In a bit of fun, I decided to submit a definition of “Date” to the Urban Dictionary. It came about while talking to one of my girlfriend’s friends about ¬†setting her up with one of mine. In a bout of nervousness, she told me she had been so busy with her job and familial responsibilities that she didn’t “remember what a date [was].” So I gave her the definition as both a joke and an inspirational reminder. Afterwards, she insisted that I submit it and share it with the world. Who says you having a little fun with writing isn’t constructive?


Hey, this list is never too full. If you have an article you need written, or are in search of a flexible freelance writer, e-mail me at peterlicari13@gmail.com.