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Guest Post: Peggy Brocke

4 May

Every now and again, I’d like to give other writers and authors the opportunity to voice themselves and their ideas about life, literature- what have you. I see my writing career like I see life, an interconnection of different sources and experiences. Any writer, thus, that I extend my hand in friendship becomes an ally of the craft. We become kin seeking the same goals. Ultimately, we all become better and thus accomplish the almost intangible goal of becoming more articulate and more proficient in the literary arts.

With this in mind, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to a close friend and collaborator, Peggy Brocke. Ms. Brocke is primarily a free form/ prose poet who tackles issues of race, feminism, life, and loss. Her style (like her personality) is quite blunt and honest. Yet, it has a certain elegance that flows with the quiet power of a wrecking ball. I hope you all enjoy her writing as much as I do and please, visit her blog at instantvintaqe.tumblr.com 

“In loving memory of Stephen Beaumont

“These are the times that try men’s souls”
Who would have thought that a pamphlet written to motivate Americans to rebel against their government would hold such a prophetic weight? Those in comparison to now were not the times that tried men’s souls. We live in a time period where everything we do is crucial, although our parental figures or the old ones of our times may disagree, our lives are more difficult than they could ever imagine. Criticisms, judgment, and ideas are spread rapidly with the click of a button, unstoppable.

“Sticks and stones my break your bones but words will never hurt me”
That was a lie too, but we all knew that already.
It used to be the spoken word but with the creation of social media it became the typed word. It’s face-book, it’s twitter, it’s blogs vlogs, and texting, and technology. The evil things we think materialize before our very eyes, on newsfeeds, and on little screens that people use to mask their insecurity. They are impossible to escape, and will forever pound in the recesses of our minds.
Life before the internet and telecommunications was a joke. But now life is real, too real. So real that death, is something we joke about, suicide is something we throw around in banter.
THESE are the times that try men’s souls, and the best part is, it can only get worse from here.”

-Peggy Brocke