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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Surprise!

1 Sep

Hello! If you’re reading this that means I’m no longer here. Sorry.

But what it does mean is that I’m now at a different location: www.caustccookies.com!

This is your surprise. You guys have inspired me to take this blog and bring it to the real world! It is now it’s own dedicated place, it’s own site! And the site has a whole bunch of goodies! Many of them will be coming to fruition within the next 48 hours, like the caustic cookie twitter account. Stuff like that.

There’s a forum, a webstore, and a bunch of other amazing things!

To WordPress: I love how awesome your platform is for starting out. It helped me get on my feet. It helped me get my start. I sincerely appreciate it. ¬†And although I won’t be posting to wordpress anymore, I hope you know that this move could only be possible because of all the support of this community.

To the fans: this is yours just as much as it is mine. I hope you enjoy it!

Much love,



Really now. You guys are so flattering…

14 Aug

So I went through my comment section today and I saw that I had a huge influx of positive reviews and comments coming from you guys about the direction I’m taking Caustic Cookies. Seriously, you guys are making me giddy like a little kid.

It’s seriously flattering how kindly you are all responding and how highly you think of this blog. It really means a lot to me as both a writer and as a human being to have my work appreciated. So I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys make doing this worthwhile.

I know it’s kind of a short post, but I wanted to put this out there before I put today’s real post up in a little bit. You guys are worth it.

PS: For any of you who may be fans of memes, you might appreciate this. It’s how I felt when I first saw your support.