Room Update!

27 Aug

It has been almost two weeks since I’ve lived on campus. My room is clean.

It feels just as alien to be writing it as it is to be reading it, I assure you, but my room. Is. Clean! I mean, I even have all the dirty clothes waiting to be loaded up and stuffed into a nearby laundry machine. Provided that they work. It seems like a lot of people are having a hard time with the machines lately. Especially the machines that fills up the laundry cards. One is broken, the other is off limits, and the other is gaurded by a swarm of people that makes me shudder to think that they will eventually breed.

(This one girl was swiping the card with the magnetic strip pointed away from the machine. I mean stuff like that happens as a quirky mistake, but she actually thought that’s how it worked. And one day she will have children. And they will have a voice in deciding things like our retirement and fiscal woes. Someone. Just. Shoot me now).

Anyways, the point of that tangent is to inform that even if the rest of the world is descending into the rank flames of dirty undergarments, my room still smells pleasant and I’m about to start laundry without any issues at all! Mind you, this is with my rank running shoes inhabiting the closet. Somehow, the room gods are smiling upon me. Either that or I’ve lost my sense of smell. Either way, this is awesome!

Someone alert the presses, inform Satan to initiate the big freeze, tell pigs to sprout wings, fly, then go ahead and fry themselves so I can enjoy some baby back ribs because my room is actually clean!

What I’m most surprised at is that with this cleanliness, my productivity has increased. I’ve done most of my homework- that’s due next week. I still have time to run, work, blog, and just relax. I swear, college is working within a realm of witchcraft! I’ll take it though; after all, the owl is 7 years late as it is! So if my life now runs on some sort of magic, I suppose it’s better late than never.

Ok. Tonight I’m starting to reveal some of the surprises coming your way september first. First is the introduction of a comic strip/ random drawing thing that will come out once a week. True to my literary roots, it’s called “Thoughtless and Plotless.” Today’s entry comes from my study of words and little wooden liars. Stay tuned for your daily dose of awesome!


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