Late night musing

19 Aug

Pinky Promise. I’m doing something new and I didn’t get the internet resolved until earlier today anyways. But that’s fine. Sunday’s a great day to start anew. Kind of an even start, you know? It being the beginning of the week and all.

Long story short, I’ve settled in nicely over here. I can honestly say that I’m having a blast over here. But there was still that whole issue of no internet access. But it’s ok! Because it’s now fixed.

So here’s what you get to look forward to starting tomorrow. 2-3 posts PER DAY!

Now before y’all freak out too much, keep in mind that two out of three will be micro posts. I mean like 2-300 word bites at max. In the AM, they’re called “Morning Revelations,” and these’ll be up at about 6 AM Around noon most days, I’ll put up the legit post for the day. Around 10:30-11:00 at night, I’ll put something up as like a final thought or something for the day. I’ll think of names for them all that suits both the site and the thing I’m doing. I like Morning Revelations because it’s like that flash of inspiration either from a dream or something you think of as you’re just rousing up. Noon is the legitmate post, so maybe I’ll call it something related to lunch? I don’t know. I don’t think so. See, I kind of think I’ll call the last ones “Punch Drunk Last Call.” I like that. Punch Drunk= Tired and last call, see, yeah, you know what I did here.

So that leaves the midday message…

Sorry this short post is so long. I’m seriously typing out as I think. So everything I type is what I was just thinking. See? Awesome. Don’t worry, there is a minor filter on.

So this midday message. I don’t know what to call it.

Shoot, I know. I’ll call it “Caustic Cookies!” Like the name of the site! See, the way I figure it, music artists will name a CD after a song in the album (generally). So those will be my singles!

Woot! Alright. Good talk. All that goodness starts tomorrow! Plus, they’ll be drawings and stuff as it comes up. Today, for instance, was a rather pleasant coaster I made myself with a quaint, yet profane, gentleman alerting the world that it is, indeed, “tea time BITCHES!”

Ok folks! See you in the morning for our revelation. Let’s see what the dreamscape gives me for inspiration!


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