Change in Directions

11 Aug

Hello avid followers of Caustic Cookies! It’s great to see that you are still alive, as I’m sure it’s a relief for you to learn that I am too.

I’ll cut to the chase. I haven’t been posting a lot, and that’s rather terrible. See, I have been just trying to force myself into a routine with this blog, trying to come up with ways to make it better, fresh, and popular. Unfortunately, none of them really seem to work. There are aspects I really like, such as the book review and the Caustic Countdown, but the hardest thing about those have been the incredible amounts of time I need to dedicate to these pursuits. The Caustic Countdown, for instance, takes up hours researching, editing, and other miscellaneous processes and the posts are still far from perfect.

I’ve been unhappy writing. I’ve never been unhappy writing. Ever. And when I got this way, I started thinking about putting on MORE work, I guess to try and light a fire up under my ass and get me going. But you can’t force inspiration. You can’t just will yourself to create. The first post I ever wrote on this blog discussed the importance of NOT FORCING IT! And here I was: blatantly disregarding my own wisdom. (Considering that it is one of the few wise things I’ve ever said, it’s pretty unwise to ignore it).

So where does it go from here?

See my major goal in writing this blog was to expand my web presence. I wanted to create a virtual hotspot where people will go to get their fill of writing related goodness and hopefully create a name for myself in the process. I know that this takes time, I’m a patient man, but it doesn’t take 20/20 vision to know that the way I’m currently doing it is not working. I’m trying to cater to two extreme aspects of my personality on the same site, resulting in either sloppiness or a schizophrenic webpage. Either way, it’s certainly not pretty.

As you may notice from the Countdowns, I love being silly, sarcastic, and a bit crude. I’m joyous to know that there are people who like those posts. As you may notice from the Book Notes and the Updates, I also feel the desire to be professional and serious. And I love the fact that people enjoy those posts too. But it’s a strain to continue to swing between utter extremes. I felt trapped between a rock and a hard place. I felt stuck in a rut. Choose your favorite euphemism, it’d probably work.

Then I realized something. Something awesome. This is MY blog. This is MY life. I can do whatever I want with both. There’s no need for me to put myself under pressure. There’s no reason to contort myself. I should just BE myself. I should post, write, and act as myself while ENJOYING it. The thing is, though, that I’m not blinded to the fact that I need a professional location. I’m trying to make money, become a business man; I just happen to be the proprietor and the product. So I need a professional location for my writing, but I desperately crave a place where I can be as goofy, loony, and inspired as I can be. I need two different things. I’m a fan of Occam’s razor, so I believe in simplicity. Hence, I am creating a brand new blog to act as the sister site to Caustic Cookies!

Caustic Cookies will now be my outlet for the creative. Where I’ll post every day about really awesome stuff that interests me. Such as Art, Music, Movies, Writing, Exercise, and Life in general. Meanwhile, I’m creating a webs site to act as my professional site for freelancing. There, I will update a blog occasionally, as it will devoted to my professional writing pursuits. I think that this is the best way to have my cake and eat it too.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Readers of all ages, I want to thank you for reading the current incarnation of Caustic Cookies. It has been incredible to know I’ve made a difference in some way, even if it’s negligible. I invite you to a follow me in this change in direction and enjoy the new Caustic Cookies. I guarantee it will be one hell of a ride.



2 Responses to “Change in Directions”

  1. verasilver August 11, 2012 at 9:55 pm #

    I can’t wait to read all the writing tips you have to offer.

    And it can often be really difficult if you are having trouble writing. There is much to be said for just forcing yourself to get words down, as well as sitting waiting until you feel like writing.

    I don’t know which camp I’m in 🙂


  2. Excellent goods from you, man. I’ve be mindful your stuff prior to and you’re simply too excellent. I actually like what you have obtained here, really like what you are saying and the way during which you are saying it. You’re making it entertaining and you continue to care for to keep it smart. I cant wait to read much more from you. That is actually a wonderful web site.

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