Weekly Update:1

9 May

A new feature into the blog that I figured would be a nice addition would be an update on all of the comings and goings of my sites and projects. This way, you the readers can be aware of the sort of projects I’ll be working on this week and showcase the kind of work that will be coming out soon. Here, I’ll also answer any questions sent to me via my email (peterlicari13@gmail.com) about anything related to writing or my works, or anything in general really. I’m always open to discussing intelligent themes and learning from new perspectives.

That being said, here is your update:

Short Stories:

Currently in progress is a work I’m currently calling “Jumper.” It’s a first person work about a man and his woman looking out over the skyline contemplating life. Until, that is, he decides to actively contemplate death by asking her to jump with him, hand in hand. “Jumper” won’t be the final title (I’m fairly certain), I just prefer to name something once the final touches are added.

In addition, I’m waiting for a response on a short story called “Eden.” It’s a science-fiction piece that both presents and dramatically robs the protagonist of his sanity and reality. I submitted the story to Science Fiction Daily about two, two-and-a-half weeks ago. Usually getting pushed back this late will either mean they either like it or it’s not fit for their niche. If it’s the latter, I’ll be pursuing another market. If that doesn’t quite work out, then I’ll be sharing it here on the site. Whether or not I’m going to make it an exclusive thing or a free viewing has yet to be decided. But I always lean towards the free, so don’t fret!


I currently don’t have any poetry works in progress.

Other Media:

For a project I was forced to create a photo essay. However, I grew attached to the theme and I intend to make it as poignant and powerful as I can. But my words are better than my photographic skills, so bear with me. It will be posted in my other blog (showcasing my limited visual skills) notyourcommonlunacy.tumblr.com


I am currently completing an article proposal for Cracked.com. Hopefully the premise is one that they will enjoy and simultaneously educate a public always searching for quick, entertaining information.

Hey, this list is never too full. If you have an article you need written, or are in search of a flexible freelance writer, e-mail me at peterlicari13@gmail.com.


One Response to “Weekly Update:1”

  1. Jeremy Dunnell July 24, 2012 at 7:03 am #

    I really love poetry, Poetry helps me express my own feelings. I usually write my own poetry in a scratch paper and a small notebook. `:”,

    Thanks again

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